Millennial Workout Plan

Are you a Millennial? Are you looking to get buff? Like srslyBUFF?  Then do this everyday for 2 weeks or something. #liftingislit


  • Toss vape flavoured bubble tea in bin
  • Take picture of self
  • Take picture of self
  • Accidentally take video of self
  • Begin listening to Drake Bae & F¥I Wokechainz remix of “We be cool (frontin)”
  • Snapchat picture of self with Viking horn-helmet / cat face



  • Pokémon Press                                     3 x 10
  • Take picture of self
  • Alternating Can’t Evens                    3 x 8
  • Lack of Concentration Curls             1 x zOMG look at that cloud!
  • Take picture of cloud (#nofilter)



  • Heavy overshares                                 3 x 12
  • Poo-Emoji squats                                 3 x 20
  • Get anxiety
  • Vlog about anxiety                                2 x 5 minutes



  • Behind-the-neck Sexts                      2 x 20
  • Pronated Sexts                                       3 x 15
  • Incline Sexts                                           4 x 10
  • Take picture of self



  • Shrugs                                                       Every minute on the minute for 12 hours
  • Deep sighs                                                2 x 6



  • meh



  • Take picture of self
  • Wear ironic nostalgic t-shirt
  • Netflix



2 hotdogs, cooked in an old oil drum in a warehouse by a white man with dreadlocks.




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